Sunday, March 28, 2010

Customisation for Vicky!

Adapted from a pair of earrings and this calls for the theme of food with a lovely bronze cookie basket charm and an espresso cup! Vintage looking complete with bronze chains and silver findings!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Customisation for Ruiyi's 21st!

A simple gold pendant necklace for the Birthday Girl!

Friday, December 11, 2009

~Sweet Pea~

N35 ~Sweet Pea~

Delightful sweetness; gold birdie-on-stand perched on top of an array of striking flowers!

Ingredients include various assorted clay roses, silver filigree, gold birdie-on-stand, silver chain and toggle closure

Retail price: S$12.20!
~Silver Shine~

N34 ~Silver Shine~

A light, silver necklace ending with a butterfly filigree and a ball of pearls!

Made with silver chain, silver butterfly filigree, champagne pearl beads and silver findings

Retail price: S$10.80!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

~Sioux~ For Vera, her 21st!

Loads of brown, green and colourful stones amassed from my collection all over! Long necklace which can be worn as a double row!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


N32 ~Garden~


Keep it simple with pleasant, bright colours and a unique concept to filigrees! This necklace makes me think of light daywear, pleasing to the eye!

Made with silver chain, filigrees, acrylic blue leaf (imported), swarvoski round and maple crystals

Retail price: S$13.50!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

~Dark Cascade~

N31 ~Dark Cascade~

Simple black short necklace to go with any dress! Easy to pair with and match! Jade green beads added for a twist!

Ingredients include black acrylic bungle beads, large acrylic teardrop, jade-cloured donut beads, black rounds and lobster clasp

Retail price: S$12.00!

~July~ (For Kh's 21st!)

N30 ~July~

A unique necklace-cum-anklet! Fasten it once for a necklace, twice to get an anklet! Other birthday months available!

Made with silver chain, birthday month tag and silver lobster clasp

Retail price: S$10.50!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


N29 ~Mooncrest

Wired on a whim! Paired with sweet flowers and beads!

Made with silver-plated wiring, black bell flower bead, gold flower cap, dark blue rounds, purple round, blue flower and necklace chain

Retail price: S$12.00!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


N28 ~Pearl~

My first choker-style necklace! Elegant and sweet, well-suited for the young! Pair it with a champagne-coloured organza ribbon for a unique look!

Made with various pearl beads, seed beads, large clay pink flower, lobster clasp and champagne organza ribbon (removable)
Approx length is 33cm (customisable)

Retail price: S$16.00!

Friday, May 29, 2009


N27 ~Light~

Pinkish and feminine sweet! Coupled with a charming bird deco, it's the perfect piece for the lover of pink!

Ingredients include light pink clay flowers, dark pink petal clay flower, bird charm, silver flower toggle closure, acrylic peach crystal, pink swarvoski crystals and silver chain and findings

Retail price: S$15.20!
~LiLy Lariat~

N26 ~LiLy Lariat~

A necklace to match the earrings! Complements quite nicely, I must say! Pendant can be worn high or low! Unique style of lariat necklace; just drop the crystal into the chainhole and you're ready to go!

Made with lucite lily flower, silver chain, swarvoski crystal teardrop and cream pearl bead

Retail price: S$14.00!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



So much, so much like it's calling for happiness! This necklace makes me like to think that the wearer is someone treasuring freedom, peace and love

Ingredients include gold bird-on-stand charm, white and brown flat bead, dark jade green bead, gold chains, cream bow charm, bronze rose and cream pearl bead, gold dragonfly charm and pink swarvoski bicone

Retail price: S$17.80!

For enquiries/purchase, contact me at or leave a note at my tagboard!

N24 ~Forest~

Themed 'Forest'! Beautiful colour match of brown beads, earthy tones and greens. Amazing piece that is extremely limited!

Consists of chocolate brown heart bead, green pearl, swarvoski bicone and round, wooden beads, red leaf charm, black and white rounds, bronze and dark green chains, green leaf charm and heart toggle closure
Length of chain is approx 50cm

Retail price: S$19.00!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Private customisation for Gladys!

Wire play with sweetness!

Ingredients include silver wiring, yellow clay rose, pink bell rose, stainless steel necklace chain and silver findings

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Personal customisation for Nicole!

Sweet and simple for her this goes!

Ingredients include stainless steel chain necklace, freshwater droplet pearls and sea fish charm

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


N21 ~Oshun~

Classy piece with unique eggshell-like pendant! Can be worn as both bracelet or necklace; a versatile look!

Made with transparent rounds, gold chain, bronze rose, metallic green roses, pearl, gold swallow charm, turquoise eggshell pendant
Comes with a gold chain and lobster clasps to convert into a necklace!
Bracelet length is approx 18cm (customisable)

Retail price: S$19.00!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


N20 ~Chiharu~

Meaning 'one thousand springs' in Japanese! The jet-black butterfly motif adds a really special vibe to the eye-catching necklace!

Made with gold dove charm, green metallic roses, bronze stacked bell flower, royal blue pendant, blue beads, silver chains, black butterfly charm, rodium chain and lobster clasp
Length of chain is approx 45cm

Retail price: S$ 20.00!

Monday, February 2, 2009


N19 ~Stroke~

An absolutely beautiful piece that took a whole lot of effort to make! My favourite this moment! Named 'Stroke' because it reminds me of midnight!

Ingredients include white lucite stacked flowers, bluebell stacked flower, midnight blue beads, black swarvoski crystals, bronze rose, pearl round, ivory flower charm, silver chain, white ice square beads, toggle closure and frosted teardrop beads
Length of chain is approx 46cm
Necklace falls slightly above chest level

Retail price: S$27.00!
For more information/enquiries, contact me at or leave a note at my tagboard!

Monday, January 19, 2009

~Annabelle's Charm~

N18 ~Annabelle's Charm~

Sweet pink paired with black! A clean-cut necklace that draws attention to the pretty clay flower!

Made with jet-black rounds, Japanese clay rose, peach bell flowers, silver filigree and silver chain

Retail price: S$11.00!

N17 ~Swallow~

Extremely eye-catching! I love how the swallow looks as though it's diving amongst the flowers - it seems to be alive! I couldn't really decide whether to make this an earring or pendant, so it's going to be available as both!

Ingredients include gold swallow charm, purple and silver stacked flowers, white lily flower, pearls, silver and rodium chains

Inclusive of gold earhooks as a one-sided earring!
Inclusive of a silver chain and lobster clasp as a necklace!

Retail price: S$10.00 (as an one-sided earring!)
S$13.90 (as a necklace!)

Friday, December 26, 2008


N16 ~Tree~

Thanks to Mother Nature, whose wonders create beautiful inspirations for me! Uber unique silver tree charm with a bird in it!

Made with white faceted rectangular beads, pale yellow clay rose, silver chains, bronze fancy chain, rodium tree and bird charm, silver findings and rodium lobster clasp
Long necklace

Retail price: S$15.80!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

~Mallow's Light~

N15 ~Mallow's Light~
[Only one available!]

A shining glittery source of light for the baby deer! Christmassy yet elegant at the same time!

Made with gold leaf charm, rodium wiring, red spotted wooden deer charm, bronze balloon round, silver chain and closure
Length of necklace chain is customisable

Retail price: S$15.80!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

~Glamour Act, Take ONE!~

N14 ~Glamour Act, Take ONE!~

A hard-to-find ACTION! board charm complemented with the additional zest of bling! Very cute and unique!

Made with large black actionboard charm, white round bead, silver chains and findings

Retail cost: S$10.20!

For purchase/enquiries, drop me a mail at or simply tag at my tagboard!

Monday, November 24, 2008

~Dragonfly Amongst Roses~

N13 ~Dragonfly Amongst Roses~

[Only one available!]

A very unique white ornate carved rose piece! Plus the other roses, it makes as though the dragonfly is rising above the flower bed towards the sky!

Made with purple clay rose, teardrop bronze filigree, silver dragonfly, bronze rose charm and faux pink pearl bead, silver toggle closure, angel's wings, white ornate rose charm and silver chain

Retail price: S$14.00!

Drop me an email at for any enquiries!

Monday, November 17, 2008

~Colour Play!~

N12 ~Colour Play!~

I know! It may seem slightly like a mismatch, but the bright colours just shout 'ATTENTION!' Plus it's a weird and funky shape too!

Made with gold flower bar, dark bottle flower charm, peach flower charm, gold ring, gold carved heart, multicoloured small beads, tiny red bottle flower charm, gold chain and transparent jewel drop
Pendant drop is approx 9cm
Length of necklace is customisable

Retail price: S$13.60!